1.  Saltillos are clay tiles
  2. Yes, they can be stained any color
  3. They get the color and shape from the drying process when being manufactured
  4. They need to be pre sealed (penetrating sealer, color enhancing sealer, and glossy sealer).
  5.  Some pavers come with paw prints
  6. They do have some small cracks and chips and other imperfections
  7. Yes, there are regular saltillos and super saltillos as well
  8. Pavers outside will age and change as a result of ever changing climate conditions the weather ultra violet lights from the sun and freeze thaw conditions
  9. Efflorescence is a chemical reaction to moisture during the installation process and when pavers get saturated with water. White powdery salt crystals begin to form on the surface
  10.  It is a fact that saltillo pavers have lime in them during the manufacturing process, they add bags of lime to the clay, and it doesn’t blend into the clay mixture, leaving little clumps that rise to the surface of the saltillo paver while its being made
  11. When they are installed the water from the thin set activates them and makes them pop, and as time goes on and you do natural living on the floor a few lime pops will begin to show. We see lime pops on 90% of paver jobs we have done. Normally, we just fill it with the existing grout color