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[testimonials items=”-1″ ] cleanest slate patio transformed In September 2011 I bought a beautiful Mission Revival style home in Ojai, California designed in 2003 by David Bury, architect who had redesigned Libby Bowl and done other wonderful projects in town. The house was perfect, except for the satillo tile type floor (which I later learned are actually “Lincoln pavers”) covering the large main room downstairs, steps, and hallway upstairs. The tile in the living room was clearly dirty, and distractingly so. I wanted it cleaned before moving in. I searched and searched for someone who felt really knowledgeable, and found through my research that knowing how to properly refinish such tile was not a simple or widespread skill. When I finally found Fritz ( California Tile Restoration) and interviewed him, I felt that here was a confidently knowledgeable and very experienced professional. He specializes in what he does, and has done it for a long time–actually since he was 14. I have learned that there is nothing that beats experience when it comes to hiring someone for such tasks. Fritz and his brother and sister in law came down from northern California and worked hard for four days to really clean and refinish my tiles. I told him I wanted a matt look, not a high gloss, and got it. The contractor who built the house and was the first owner recently saw and commented how nice the tile floors were refinished. They look clean and authentic. I am grateful to have found Fritz Wittmann and am happy to recommend his work. Marion Weil Ojai, California color enriched mexican paver We recently bought a house in Santa Cruz County that had saltillo tile floors for about 900 square feet of it. But, it hadn’t been maintained well for about 20 years. The more I read about saltillo tiles, the more I understood that we needed to get someone who knew what they were doing or else they could potentially ruin the tiles. Fritz Wittman is THE saltillo guy. I found two companies in Southern California and asked if they had any recommendations for people who could refinish our tiles here. One lady wrote me back (Charlotte from Ceramic Tile Refinishers – South) and referred me to Fritz, her nephew, who’s worked with her since he was 14 years old. The other guy said he didn’t do work in our area, but contracted out with a guy . . . Fritz! Anyway, we ended up hiring Fritz not only because the only two companies I could find referred me to him, but also because there is just no one around who specializes in saltillo. We were on a deadline and needed him to strip, seal, and finish our floors in five days. He does incredible work. Prompt, clean, and reliable. Our floors are holding up well to three big dogs, two busy adults, and two small children. Christine A. Aptos, CA custom stained pavers