Tired of Not Enjoying Your Patio Because Your Flagstone Is Moldy, Dirty, And Disgusting

flagstone mold algaeimproperly sealed flagstoneflagstone patio dirtyNatural stone patio

In these before pics of this multi-colored irregular shaped flagstone patio in Glenwood, San Rafael, in Marin County Northern California, you can see how dirty and discolored the natural stone has gotten.

Not to mention there is mold and algae growing in it which is common when natural stone and flagstone are not sealed properly to protect them from the elements.

See How Easily You Can Transform Your Flagstone Patio

stripped flagstoneflagstone patio stripped
We first stripped off all of the existing sealer that had been applied. The home owner didn’t know there was sealer on the flagstone because he inherited the patio with the purchase of the house.

You don’t have to break your back to remove mold & algae from your flagstone

flagstone cleaningclean patio flagstoneclean grout patioclean flagstone tiles
We then gave all of the flagstone and grout an acid bath, letting the chemical attack the algae and mold from the inside out. You can see in these pics we got out probably 95% of the mold.

There are 2 types of people, people with clean, protected flagstone that is easy to maintain… And people with dirt, algae, & deteriorating flagstone… Which group are you in

flagstone patio restoredenhanced natural stone patioflagstone restorationnatural stone sealer
They still looked a little dirty looking so we applied multiple layers of a color enhancing penetrating sealer.

This will protect the flagstone from water getting into the stone as well as sun bleaching, and keep the flagstone easy to maintain with solid protection from the elements as well as bringing out the natural deep rich colors.

As you can see in these after pics the flagstone patio turned out amazing.

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