The preparation of Tecate floors is THE most important gem of wisdom for your floor. Before you polish your Tecate pavers, you need to deep clean them on your hands and knees using a heavy duty degreaser which is strong enough to cut through oils, dirt, and grime, but not strong enough to affect the sealer. This will dull out the sealer, get rid of some light scratches, and get the ever so hard to clean grout joints looking clean and uniform.

Once cleaned and dried completely, sweep or vacuum the Tecate floor thoroughly, because if you don’t, then when you start applying the floor top list, you will get hair from dogs, cats, humans, or pretty much anything. So make sure you are detailed. Get along those edges and get the grout good, debris likes to hide there.

Helpful hints while you begin the polishing process.

Use an old rag that has been re washed a few times, this will prevent leaving fibers and hair In the finish. The mops or microfiber pads leave hairs and air bubbles. When you start applying the first coat of floor polish, remember not to box yourself in. I suggest you start furthest away from where you want to end up.  Fold your rag into a square when coming around walls to avoid shining them.

Pour out a little sealer, about enough to do between 6 to 12 tecates and grout at Time. For instance divide the floor into sections, by making The bathroom one section, and the hall way another, the laundry room, and the kitchen. By doing this you get areas done more thoroughly, and you’re not outta control, stepping in the polish or putting hand prints on your tiles. You want to work from the back of rooms to the front door stopping at the grout line adjacent to the door. Keep clear start and stop points and mark your spot with anything to remind yourself. For example a cup or bottle cap. Do not polish halves of tile just because they are entryways, do full tiles.

Make sure you apply the evenly finish evenly, thoroughly, and not missing areas. You may want to move the rag side to side, front to back, and in a figure eight motion to ensure even coats.

After applying all your coats you will want to let the floor dry for 24 hours before putting back any furniture and make sure you keep tarps around all entry and exit routes to avoid backtracking footprints.