Downtown Sacramento California

This Project was done in beautiful and busy downtown Sacramento, California.

Get That Tough Old Carpet Glue Removed Now!

carpet to tileporcelain ceramic tile from carpet before picporcelain tile and carpetporcelain tile and carpet removal

In these pictures above, you can see there is carpet in this room that has been put over porcelain tile. They glue on tack strips all the way around the edges. the glue is also used to hold the carpet pad in place so it will not bunch up or slide around.

Removing Glued on Tack Strips From Porcelain Tile

carpet glue on tileglue removal from porcelain tileIMG_1981[1]Tack Strip Removal From TileTack strip Romval

You can see here the carpet is out and the carpet pad. We begin to pour out stripper on and around the tack strip to soften the glue. We pry up one edge, forcing liquid under the tack strip to continue to help soften it till the strip pops up. If we were to just pull the tack strip off, it would damage the integrity and surface of the porcelain tiles. That is the main reason we remove tack strip in this manner. We then scra;e off the thick blobs of glue with razor blades getting it down to where the stripper will melt off and ultimately, remove the final thin layer.

15 by 15 inch Porcelain tile stripped cleaned and sealed.

porcelain tile dirty groutporcelain tile sacramentoCleaned porcelain tileclean grout and tiles

In these final pictures you can see all of the glue and tack strips are off of the tiles, and we have cleaned and sealed this porcelain and the grout. We removed those tough carpet glue stains, and stripped cleaned and sealed the porcelain tiles and grout leaving the home owner with a wide grin.

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