Sealer blistering and peeling is a common enemy to most do it yourselfers

These 12 x 12 Concrete paver tiles were the product of a do it yourselfer. After about 2 weeks and $1,000.00 in materials, this home owner in Orinda Village California gave up and gave us a call.

If your floor starts to peel or blister, it is time to strip those concrete tiles or run the risk of ruining the unprotected tiles

In these pics you can see the sealer starting to fail, blister, and peel because the owner thought he did a good enough job stripping it but made a fatal error.

He did not get off all the ORIGINAL topical coating off but resealed it anyway causing those spots to fail and be highlighted. This is a classic case of what happens so you are not alone.

Once ALL topical coating is removed and the concrete paver tiles are cleaned, THEN it’s safe to apply your sealer.

We stripped off the topical coating completely to bare stone before giving the tiles a final clean to remove any last residue or haze of sealer that had ever been applied to the floor.

In this video you can see what happens when we strip the tile bare.

So ease your mind, take a breath, and call California Tile Restoration Today, and let us bring your floor back to the condition you always dreamed it could be (707) 384-1172

My camera was acting up at the completion of this job but I can assure you, the customer loved it and the floor looked amazing.

I did however, do a sealer test to show the customer. Notice how the ash, haziness, and peeling sealer is gone from the concrete tiles revealing the color and depth of the stone.