Saltillo Tile Stripping in Los Altos Hills and Streaking Sealer

dull saltillo tilessaltillo strip demobad saltillo tile sealerbefore stripping saltillos

In these before pictures of 12 x 12 Rounded edge saltillos, the home owners called on CTR to come out and strip off the existing sealer that the tile installer applied.

Two reasons to Strip and Re-Seal a Brand New Floor

  • The Tile Installer did not clean the tiles before the sealing process which means that dust, foot prints, and other debris were sealed into the floor
  • 2nd they streaked the sealer everywhere which usually occurs by not using enough sealer during the application or the sealer application tool itself, such as a rag, mop, or sponge

The Key to cleaning Saltillo Tiles is to remove All existing Sealer First

stripping Saltillos Los AltosLos Altos Satillo TilesClean Saltillo Tiles los altosBright clean saltillos

In these pictures you can see we have detailed stripped all the sealer and we have cleaned off all the tile dust and ground in dirt from the saltillos.

Enrich the Natural Colors of your Saltillo Tiles with a High Shine Finish

beautiful saltillos with dotsSealed saltillo tiles in los altos casaltillo bullnose stairshigh shine saltillo tiles

In these final pictures above, you can see what five layers of sealer looks like. The Saltillo Tiles are not only beautiful, but they are also protected with a water tight seal and a surface that’s strong and durable.

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