Tile Sealing & Polishing

Acrylic water-based sealer, floor polish prolongs the life of the sealer, penetrating sealers, and enhancing sealer.



After the paver floors are prepared properly and are ready to be sealed again we have a few options.  For interior use, I recommend we use a clear self-leveling water-based acrylic sealer.  There are a couple of reasons I recommend this sealer, if applied correctly water will repel off the tile and grout, another reason for this type of sealer is once it’s applied and built up properly to achieve a true seal, the object is that you walk on top of the sealer, not the tile. If any scratches or dirt occur it will be on the sealer, not the paver or grout itself.  Another reason for sealer is that it’s used as a grout release so that that tiles can be grouted properly.  Last but not least everybody just likes a shiny floor, either super shiny or we could use the low sheen version of these types of sealers, in case some people like more of a matte look, but with the same protection as the high shine.  These sealers could be used on exterior paver tiles and grout as well.

Outside paver tiles get more abuse from sprinklers, rain, sun, and dirt.  The acrylic sealer outside will hold up they will need to be maintained more often, keeping that sealer built up.  We don’t use the floor polish outside because it won’t hold up, it’s not made like a sealer is.  The polish sits more on the surface exterior pavers, in my opinion, it should have more of a penetrating sealer.  The penetrating sealer will give you a water-tight seal which makes water and oil bead up on the surface but won’t add any color to the paver and the grout, leaving it looking really natural but kind of dried or faded looking.

The color-enhancing sealer is great for all paver families, except the Lincoln pavers, it does not enhance very well. Options for the Lincoln’s are the acrylic sealer or the penetrating sealer.  All the other pavers bring out the natural color, giving them some depth, more of a wet look without the shine.  This also seals like a penetrating sealer giving it a watertight seal with water and oil beating up on the surface.