So your terracotta floor tiles in your kitchen are dull and sticky, and you just can’t figure out why?

The tiles may be deteriorating and dirt is just sticking in the sealer. No heavy duty tile and grout cleaner can help you at this point.

deteriorating saltillo tile floor

So what is happening to your mexican floor tile kitchen? In this video we explain just that. A lot of people try to teach you how to clean terracotta tiles with vinegar, and other crap, but the truth is, if they weren’t sealed correctly in the first place, it may already be too late.

Sealing indoor terracotta tiles correctly the first time with acrylic water based sealer will ensure that you don’t have to waste money and time trying to find the best terracotta tile cleaner on the market.

Don’t waste time looking for the best mexican tile cleaner

The best way to clean terracotta tiles after they have been properly sealed and restored does not come down to a product. It really is about the scrubbing and buffing dry. Change your water often and do sections of the floor. You can even change water per room if you do not have tons of square footage. If you do have tons of square footage, then change water often, and use a low suds cleaner not a heavy duty cleaner. A neutral cleaner is suffice, and degreasers work well.

restore saltillo tile

The other chemicals are too harsh and could dull the floor. The buffing dry cannot be stressed enough because the tiles are like glass, so think of how you use windex. Can you wipe windex around with a wet rag? No you must buff it dry. People always ask me how to clean high gloss floor tiles or, what’s the best way to clean tile floors without leaving streaks. If you want to know how to make tile floor shine like glass, this is my biggest tip.

shiny sealed saltillo tile

If your dirty terracotta tiles are beyond repair, consider restoration and refinishing by the pros. All our work is done on hands and knees to ensure each tile gets the attention and detail that machines can never offer. We know you love your terracotta floor and decor so shouldn’t your restoration company feel the same?

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